About This Blog

I enjoy time in the clinic, meeting new people and their pets. But, it’s also interesting for me to hear from friends and family members about issues their pets are having. Although I almost always have to refer them to their own vet for an actual diagnosis, I still get to think in the abstract about what might be happening. In the process, I can give ideas about the types of questions to ask and prepare them for things that might arise during their subsequent vet appointment.

The purpose of this blog is to share some of the interesting topics brought to me by friends and family, in addition to cases I see in practice. In each entry, I’ll present the question asked, any background information given, my thinking about the possible causes, and the types of additional information that would be necessary for a diagnosis. Occasionally my entry will be about a basic pet care issue that’s been raised (vaccines, food, etc.). In those cases, I’ll offer my current understanding of the topic, with a nod to the sometimes rapid evolution of veterinary medicine.

The recommendations made on this site, although informed, are no substitute for a good physical exam and proper diagnostics. So when in doubt, consult with your own vet.

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